Legacy of Love

Sunday, September 10, 2017

One Service only on this day: 11:00 am

Celebrate with us as we honor Howard and Diane Caesar for their unfaltering love and dedication in 34 years of Ministry here at Unity of Houston. On March 5th Howard made the announcement that he would be leaving pulpit ministry on September 10th, 2017. Our hearts are heavy and yet filled with excitement as Howard and Diane open themselves up to what God reveals is next.  We look forward to coming together to acknowledge and love these two amazing souls as they begin their next new chapter.

Reverend Howard Caesar was ordained as a Unity Minister in 1976.  His first ministry was in Olympia, Washington where he served for seven years and helped grow the congregation by 600%. He led the ministry through three expansion projects and was broadcast on two different radio stations daily.  In 1983, Howard joined the ministerial staff at Unity Church in Houston, Texas where he has served as Senior Minister for the past thirty-three years.  During this time, he led the 3,000 plus member congregation in the purchase of an additional 11 acres of land to their already expansive campus and construction projects amounting to over $16 million.

Each Sunday, Rev. Howard Caesar’s message focuses on a positive, practical and progressive approach to Christianity. Through the weekly Sunday television broadcast, “The Awakened Life” with Howard Caesar on KUBE Channel 57, his message reaches many more individuals around the Greater Houston area.

Rev. Caesar’s spiritual messages have helped many find a deeper spiritual meaning in their lives while experiencing happier, healthier and more productive ways of living. Rev. Caesar has been featured in major articles in the Houston Chronicle newspaper and as a panelist for KHOU-Channel 11’s Faith and Values segments.  He was also featured in the 2011 issue of H-Texas Magazine naming him as one of the 25 most influential Houstonians for his spiritual contribution to the city.

This year, Howard authored a timely new book “One + One Is One” which has become an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

He is a member of the prestigious Board of Preachers at the Martin Luther King Chapel at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is recognized as one of the foremost leaders and speakers with the New Thought message, traveling the world to meet with spiritual leaders such as his Holiness the Dalai Lama, whom he has had the honor of meeting three times. He is a founding member of the Leadership Council of the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) and previously served on the Boards of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA), as well as the Association of Unity Churches, Pavilion International Recovery Center and other Boards. Howard has completed seven years on the Board of Unity World Headquarters, serving  as Chairman of the Board.

Rev. Caesar has traveled throughout the United States and abroad speaking and sharing positive inter-faith messages. He has taken thousands of people on pilgrimages to such places as the Holy Land, Egypt, Bali, India, Greece and numerous other destinations globally. In recent years, he has made eight trips to India to attend courses at the Oneness University and has led groups to John of God in Brazil for the past 9 years.

Howard has been the recipient of many accolades during his career, including The Light of God Expressing Award and The Voice of Unity Award for his 35 years in the arena of radio and TV. He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award given by his peers for his dedication, achievements and leadership.

Rev. Caesar’s friendship with many well-known authors and speakers exposed his congregations to such individuals as Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Steve Allen, Iyanla Vanzant and a number of other great spiritual teachers who have transitioned such as the late Norman Vincent Peale, the late Og Mandino, the late Art Linkletter, the late W. Clement Stone, the late Wayne Dyer.

Howard and his wife Diane have three grown children, three grandchildren, and reside in Sugar Land, Texas.

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Sheila W Blake
Reverend Howard and Diance Caesar are a truly inspiring couple who have contributed to the church, the community and the larger world in so many ways that impact thousands and yet with humility and grace they have led our congregation through good times and bad. We could not ask for greater commitment, teaching, example and legacy from our spiritual leader. I came to the church in 1996 during a time of personal crisis feeling broken in mind, body, and soul. That Sunday morning he gave a sermon that was different than what he had planned,. It was as if he… Read more »

You are loved!!


Dear Rev Howard and Diane,
In the past 11 years you have helped me through SO many changes in my life! I do not know that it would have been as “smooth a transition” had you not been there. My life is so much better for knowing and learning from you that words just do not do justice. Please know that you are loved, valued and will be missed dearly! I wish you both all the best with you new adventure. I know it will be GOOD! Love and Blessings, Cindy House

Dearest Howard & Diane, As I sit here in tears reminiscing, I cannot ever thank you enough for making a remarkable difference in my life through the Unity teachings, your love, hugs, and creating a sacred space to allow shift to happen. I was never, ever going to attend church again after my introduction and experience of a sanctified, non- loving, poor, all judgmental God as a child, where I was forced to attend church five out of seven days a week and all day on Sundays, I was tired of the nonsense I had been taught that did not… Read more »
Dianne Curtis
It’s hard for me to imagine Unity of Houston without Rev. Howard Caesar and Diane. I’ve listened to them talk for over 30 years. I think of all the stuff I’ve done and been through. Sometimes I left for years then came back and I have always appreciated them being there with the right message I needed to hear for the day. I appreciate Howard’s talks the most because he appeals to our sense of logic. He never talks down to anyone and he always presents the most logical reasons for doing the right thing and being the best we… Read more »
Julie Taylor

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience your service at Unity. Thank you for your sermons, meditations and the Houston Unity Church.

Beth VanDusen

Rev. Howard, Diane and Unity have made such an enormous and profound impact on my life for the last 30 years. There are not enough words to convey the gratitude and love I have for you both. You will be missed very much.

Judy Kawazoe

We are so blessed to have had your wonderful energy pouring into us for all these years. Thank you for everything and looking forward to hearing about your next phase of your spiritual growth!

Ricki McKenna
Dearest Howard and Diane, Short of writing a missive about how you saved my life in the late ’80s as I was going through a divorce, and how since returning from 15 years in Colorado enjoying the incredible feelings of mountains, spacious blue skies and outdoor living (which I know you understand), i’ve found a “home” at Unity that has made my living here worthwhile, I just want to say THANK YOU. My heart felt appreciation for who you are and the love that you bring to everything you do is immense. BIG HUG time. I am so very grateful.… Read more »
Frieda King

I am sad and happy. Above all, my blessings are with you, Howard and Diane as the two of you step into a new life, which is exciting and transitional. You both are great people and will do well after pulpit ministry. Love you two. I will ever be grateful for the opportunity to have worked for many years at Unity of Houston. Ever so appreciative of the spiritual growth and influence the Church has blessed me with while Howard Caesar has been Senior Minister. Abundant good is always where you both are.

Richard Schusterman

Congratulations, Howard and Diane! I knew the Universe had brought me to Houston for my Spiritual growth when I realized that Unity was directly behind my apartment. I am grateful for your inspiring messages of love. Peace and love to you and enjoy the journey!

Katherine Mitchum
Dear Howard and Diane, I visited many churches over my adult life to find a home that fulfilled my spiritual needs. Never did I stay for long or join the community. After having visited your congregation 15 years ago, upon an invitation from a friend to see Deepak Chopra, I felt a stirring of spiritual kinship. But the distance to my home was significant so I attended Unity elsewhere hoping it would be a similar experience. Unfortunately, it was not the same. After a couple of years, my husband and I decided not only was it worth the drive, but… Read more »
Libbie Vaughan
After I graduated from college, I began exploring different churches to find a place that fit for me. I was looking for a church that would make me FEEL something. By the grace of God, I found Unity in 1983, shortly after Howard started. Every time I heard him speak, it felt like the lesson had been specially prepared for me. Howard opened my eyes and my heart. I found myself in tears frequently and was so overjoyed to find a place that believed the things I had intuitively known since I was a child. I even named my first… Read more »
Donna King
When I was attending grad school, we had residential weekends in Houston once a month. I would attend the church when I was there, as I greatly enjoyed the services. Once the residential weekends were over, I continued to tune in to the services online. Rev. Howard Caesar preached many messages that made me feel uplifted and more open to new ways of viewing things. I congratulate him on years of dedicated service and grace-filled leadership. I am grateful for the ministry he and his wife have maintained for all these years. God bless you both, now and in the… Read more »
Daniel Nahmod

Thinking of you, your community, and your city this week, Howard and Diane. Lots of love.

Penelope (Penney) Williams
Penelope (Penney) Williams

I have enjoyed your lessons since the 1990’s.They have made a big impact on my life. Good Luck and enjoy!

Greg Tamblyn

All good wishes on your next adventure! (Howard, if you get to KC let’s play some golf!)

Jess Jessop
Reverend Caesar, I just want to thank you again for all of your support, insight and inspiration! After a dark decade where disabling depression ruled my mind, your sermon on the Dark Night of the Soul was the beginning of my recovery. Now I am in full recovery and agreeing with you Life is Good! When I first read that sign in your parking lot I couldn’t see that for myself. I remember thinking; ya for you. Thank you for bringing the light I needed to see my way back to joy and happiness. I have gone back to work… Read more »
Phillip Smedstad

Dear Diane and Rev. Howard,

Congratulations on all you have accomplished these past 40+ years. Through all these times, you’ve always been a wonderful friend, as well as an esteemed colleague. Lura and I send lots and lots of love.

Leigh Ann Buist
This church, and the messages delivered by Rev. Howard and Diane, reignited my belief in God and humanity when I discovered the church around 2005. I brought my parents (Becky and Richard Bryan) to the church as well. They had long since left the Methodist church, and the messages at Unity illuminated God once again for them as well. When I lived in Colorado for a few years, the CDs for the recorded lessons I listened to in my car carried me through many many days. Now that I live in Austin, I watch the lessons online regularly. There are… Read more »
Patti Moore

I have so much gratitude to you both for being the light in so many ways for this community. You were my first exposure to New Thought. You brought the amazing phenomenon of Oneness/Deeksha to me that truly changed my life profoundly. So many firsts and so many beautiful teachings that opened my heart and soul to its true nature. I wish you an abundance of love, joy and tons of blessings on your next journey! In deepest gratitude for what you’ve done. You two make a difference on this planet!