Animal Kinship Ministry

Dear Animal Enthusiast,

On behalf of the Animal Kinship Ministry, we want to thank you for your interest in our new ministry at Unity of Houston.

Our beloved pets are an extension of our families. They help create community by connecting animal-lovers with other animal-lovers and helping them find common ground.  Honoring the significance of these special family members, our Animal Kinship Ministry aims to support you and your pets in a variety of loving ways.

  • Connecting with other Pet Parents
  • Prayer Support
  • Annual Animal Blessing
  • Support during times of Loss, Sickness, Transition and Grief
  • Pet Memorials
  • Pet Food Drives
  • Responsible Pet Ownership Programs for Adults and Children
  • Referrals to Community Resources

Our Vision:

Our vision is to promote Empathy, Kindness and Compassion to Embrace All Living Creatures with Love and Respect. This ministry aims to nurture compassionate relationships with all living beings – including our companion animals. Our vision is based on the premise that spiritual values call upon us all to act in a kind and merciful way toward all creatures.

Additional Thoughts:

Our pets have become an important part of our culture, and more and more places are starting to welcome and accommodate pets. We all know that pets are living, loving creatures created by God. Their spirits and presence in our lives teach us many important lessons, especially how to love. Their living spirits are divine, which is demonstrated by their ability to love unconditionally, to remain loyal and steadfast against all adversity, and to remain joyful despite outside circumstances. These are qualities which we, as humans, strive to achieve.

Animal lovers are an amazing community of people; thus our Animal Kinship Ministry is a great way for like-minded people to gather for a good cause.

For more information and volunteering, contact:



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