Unity of Houston Staff

Executive Director of Unity

Carolyn Lebanowski joined the Ministry in 2006 as Executive Director. Carolyn brings with her 20 years of corporate experience in Organizational Development, Executive Team Building and Coaching. As a Key Leader, today she is responsible for overseeing all of the Administration functions of the Ministry along with Marketing, Special Events, Special Services and Facilities.


Unity Staff


  • Carolyn Lebanowski, Executive Director
  • Diane Caesar, Special Projects Coordinator
  • Cindy Cline, Director of Volunteers & Media/PR
  • Stacy Collins, Administrative Assistant
  • Christina Conner, LUT / PM Receptionist
  • Jen Dickey, Media Communications Specialist
  • Clarissa Humphrey, Financial Assistant
  • Susie Montz, Special Services Coordinator
  • Tonya Pressley, Director of Speaker/Special Events & Leased Events
  • Janis Shanks, Oneness Ministry Coordinator / AM Receptionist
  • Leatha Tukes, Executive Assistant


  • Donna Fisher, Bookstore Manager
  • Judith Donaldson, Associate
  • Mary Fehr, Associate
  • Margie Fry, Associate
  • Maureen “Mo” Huddleston, Associate
  • Sandy Zboyan, Associate

Licensed Teachers and Counselors

  • Mary Cesaratto
  • Alyce Coffey
  • Christina Conner
  • Cecile Eatherly
  • Frances Becke Huffman
  • Cris Perez
  • Velma Spence
  • Kaye Wetzel


  • Alex Gomez, Facilities Manager
  • Jaime Gomez
  • Felipe Regalizo
  • Pedro Toc
  • Carlos Quiem
  • Jorge Villanueva
  • Francisco Martinez

Music Department

  • Greg van Rozenburg, Music Director
  • Rev. Michael Gott, Choir Director

Sunday Service Band

  • Richard Cholakian
  • Max Dyer
  • Andy Grall
  • Gary Norian
  • Keith Vivens

Youth Ministry

  • Steven Krugler, Director of Youth and Family Ministry
  • Sonja Perez, Assistant YFM Director
  • Gredel Blanco, Nursery and Childcare Coordinator

Nursery & Child Care Staff

  • April Brown
  • Donna Gingrich
  • Olga Schnur
  • Maryam Shahi
  • Annette Thorstenberg

For more information contact the church offices by calling 713-782-4050.

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