Unity Friends

Our prayer ministry is called Unity Friends and consists of leaders in the church who have extensive training in prayer for others, and praying with others.

As part of our prayer ministry, we have Unity Friends to help.  A Unity Friend is available for one-on-one prayer, in Spanish or English, before or after services.  Unity Friends wear badges with purple ribbon and are located in the Sanctuary, lobby, and courtyard on Sundays.

Our loving and dedicated Unity Friends group is at the front of the sanctuary after each service and is happy to pray with you.  You may also place a written request in one of our prayer boxes (located in the sanctuary, outside the chapel or enter your request below in our online form).

During the week, you may call the church at (713) 782-4050 from 9 AM to 4 PM and someone will pray with you.  All requests are confidential and may be anonymous.

If you would like to be called monthly by a Unity Friend or if you are interested in learning more about becoming one please email Rev. Farolyn Mann fmann@unityhouston.org or call 713-782-4050.



Questions about Unity Friends?

Please contact Reverend Farolyn Mann, Assoc. Minister at fmann@unityhouston.org

If you would like to be a volunteer Unity Friend, please contact scollins@unityhouston.org

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